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The Angels Saga

Chronicles of the Children of Destiny

Volume Alpha – 'Gloria Prequelya'

Gloria Prequelya begins the Angels Saga and the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny. It introduces with the Heart of God and the beginning of his first thoughts on life and what he should bring forth – and that is offspring. His own children. Callodyn and Kayella are introduced, as well as 'Home' being founded, were the theophany of God lives with Metatron, Logos and Memra. Soon comes forth the 70 Children of Heaven and then, also the Realm of Infinity, were Logos tries to teach a self willed 'Samael'.

Volume One - 'Morning Stars'

What happens when an Angel dares to question the status quo? What happens when an angel, perhaps destined for glory,decides to do things ‘HIS’ way, as opposed to the sound wisdom of the Torah and the knowledge of the Holy One on High?  Saruviel’ is such an angel. ‘Morning Stars’ is the beginning of the ‘Realm of Eternity’ and Archangel Michael is the firstborn Seraphim Angel of this Realm. But when the seventh-born male Seraphim Angel, dread Lord Saruviel is born, only trouble can follow. After eating the ‘forbidden fruit’ Saruviel begins a journey which will lead him to host the rebellion against the established ways of the Realm of Eternity, all in the name of Freedom’. Telling a variant of the traditional tale of Satan’s rebellion, Saruviel must ‘Follow His Destiny’ to find just what makes the heart of freedom such a challenging temptation
and such a responsibility. This volume introduces us to the Realm of Eternity’ which is the setting place for the majority of the action throughout the planned future history of the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ universe.

Volume Two 'Ecclesia'

The sequel to ‘Morning Stars’, the ecclesia themselves are never named, and not even really talked about as a particular group, but they are the stars of this continuation of the storyline introduced in ‘Morning Stars’. The pivotal storyline is the love triangle between ‘Ambriel’ and ‘Meludiel’ and ‘Daniel’, ending in a most happy way for one particular angel. A novel which brings the lighter side of life to the Realm of Eternity, after the heavier focus on Saruviel in the first novel. AUTHOR’s NOTE: Morning Stars was the first novel I finished writing in my life, and was written with an intention of being quite holy and up to a high standard which people fussy on spiritual issues can appreciate. Ecclesia, alternatively, was meant to introduce concepts of humour and sarcasm and other perhaps racy subjects for a broader audience and a more mainstream approach. Volumes 2, 3 & 4 are much more similar in this respect, and flow together well as I see it.

Volume Three ‘Rebellion’

The sequel to ‘Ecclesia’, Rebellion is a logical continuation again, with ‘Gloryel’ and ‘Sariel’ being the major stars of this work.
Of course, the ‘Battle for Zaphon’ is a triumph for one particular angel of marked ego, but is written with good humour and obvious charm. ‘Rebellion’ asks the question, who indeed serves God, and which angels are doing just that – ‘Rebelling’ against the authority of God. For those who liked Volume One and Two, Volume Three is no great surprise. AUTHOR’s NOTE: Rebellion was written just after Ecclesia and did not take long to write. It feels very similar to elements of Ecclesia to me, so if you enjoyed volume 2 you will most probably enjoy volume 3 and 4. Later on in Volume 11 ‘Anthology’ we return to some stories in the Realm of Eternity, particularly the ‘Life in Zaphon’ story, which serves well as a prequel storyline to ‘Morning Stars II’, which also flows quite nicely into ‘Lazy Days’.

Volume Four ‘Eternity’
In a sense, a conclusion to the initial ‘Realm of Eternity’ storylines, before Volume Fives sends many of the angels into
their human incarnations on earth. Eternity is a simple continuation of the past three volumes, answering a number of questions, and concluding with the ‘Wedding of Eternity’. AUTHOR’s NOTE: The novella in this volume titled ‘Eternity’ is a logical continuation from volume 2 and 3, and feels quite similar to these works. It is also a little more serious than
volume 2 and 3 and has a bit more of the drama of Morning Stars associated with it – perhaps. In ‘Morning Stars’ I was learning all about the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny universe, and still am, not having figured it out completely.  But with experience hopefully the tales will grow in both entertainment value and genuine interest value by the general public as well as the Noahide community.

Volume Five – Anthology

Volume Six Part One – Terra

Volume Seven – Ye Olde Devil

Volume Eight – Daughter of Eve

Volume Nine – Torn Asunder

Volume Ten – Lucy Smith

Volume Eleven – Love

Volume Thirteen – Destiny's Children

Volume Fourteen – Judgement Day

Volume Fifteen – New Beginnings

Volume Sixteen – Anthology II

Volume Seventeen – Rimwalker

Volume Eighteen – Life in Zaphon

Volume Nineteen – Morning Stars II

Volume Twenty – Lazy Days

Volume Twenty-One – Anthology III

Volume Twenty-Two – Morning Stars of Eternity

Volume Twenty-Three – Morning Stars of Eternity II

Volume Twenty-Four – Children of God

Volume Twenty-Five – Angels of Hope

Volume Twenty-Six – Eternal Realm of Glory

Volume Twenty-Seven – Angels of Faith

Volume Twenty-Eight – Realm of Majesty

Volume Twenty-Nine – Angels of Love

Volume Thirty – Children of Men

Volume Thirty-One – Redux

Volume Thirty-Two – Life in General

Volume Thirty-Three – The 1400

Volume Thirty-Four – Eternya

Volume Thirty-Five - Chronicles of Zion's Glory

Volume Omega – Rise of the Saruvim

Addendum Volume One


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