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The Angels Saga

Chronicles of Home

Volume One - Life at Home

Chronicles of the Children of Heaven

Volume One - Gloria Excelsia

Chronicles of the Children of Fate

Volume One - Logos and Samael

Volume Two - Democracy

Chronicles of the Children of Destiny

Volume One - Morning Stars

Volume Two – Ecclesia

Volume Three – Rebellion

Volume Four – Eternity

Volume Five – Anthology

Volume Six – Terra

Volume Seven – Ye Olde Devil

Volume Eight – Daughter of Eve

Volume Nine – Torn Asunder

Volume Ten – Lucy Smith

Volume Eleven – Love

Volume Thirteen – Destiny's Children

Volume Fourteen – Judgement Day

Volume Fifteen – New Beginnings

Volume Sixteen – Anthology II

Volume Seventeen – Rimwalker

Volume Eighteen – Life in Zaphon

Volume Nineteen – Morning Stars II

Volume Twenty – Lazy Days

Volume Twenty-One – Anthology III

Volume Twenty-Two - Morning Stars of Eternity

Volume Twenty-Three - Morning Stars of Eternity II

Volume Twenty-Four - Redux

Volume Twenty-Five - Life In General

Volume Twenty-Six - Beyond Time Immortal

Chronicles of the 1400

Volume One - The 1400

Chronicles of Eternya

Gloria Majestica