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Noahide Books

The Theological Writings of the Karaite Adamide-Noahide Community (Genesis 1 – 11:9)

Various Authors: Works by Georgia Bridges A Little Girl at School, Works by Marcus Low The Angel Cures, Works by Marcus CCC Reflections on Enlightement

Works by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly


(Note to Readers: The story titles for the Foundational Angels Saga are now complete. The Stories from Volume Alpha-Gloria Excelsis to The Eternal World are the core Foundational Saga of the Storyline. What follows now are the individual story sagas of each story title, the following stories within each story title done as a numbered sequel, which has already been part of the saga anyway. Below this section on the Foundational Angels Saga will start being placed the individual story title sagas, which is were the new material will come from. The whole point – I now express – for the foundational saga is for the unity and chronology of the storyline. But now they can be told as separate storylines with new material with the foundational saga in place. The list of sagas will be alphabetized by story title)

Volume Alpha - Gloria Excelsia The Angels Saga: Chronicles of the Children of Destiny Volume One - Morning Stars Volume Two – Ecclesia Volume Three – Rebellion Volume Four – Eternity Volume Five – Anthology

The Angels Saga: Terra Chronicles Volume One – Terra Volume Two – Ye Olde Devil Volume Three – Daughter of Eve Volume Four – Torn Asunder Volume Five – Lucy Smith Volume Six – Love

Volume Seven – Destiny's Children Volume Eight – Judgement Day The Angels Saga: Zaphon Chronicles Volume One – New Beginnings Volume Two – Anthology II Volume Three – Rimwalker Volume Four – Life in Zaphon Volume Five – Morning Stars II Volume Five A – Morning Stars II: Old Research Volume Five B – Morning Stars II: Genesis Volume Six – Lazy Days Volume Seven – Anthology III

Morning Stars of Eternity –

Morning Stars of Eternity II –

The Angels Saga: The Christ of God's Greater Glory –

The Angels Saga: Children of God Volume One The Angels Saga: Angels of Hope Volume One The Angels Saga: Eternal Realm of Glory Volume One The Angels Saga: Angels of Faith Volume One

The Angels Saga: Infinite Realm of Majesty Volume One The Angels Saga: Angels of Love Volume One

The Angels Saga: Angels of Love: The Lucy Potter Septet Lucy Potter Lucy Potter and the Vengeance of Lucifer Lucy Potter and the Golden Sovereigns Lucy Potter and the Sprite of Chakola

Lucy Potter and the Terran Dragonrider Lucy Potter and the Dark Lords of Evil Lucy Potter and the Children of Haven

The Angels Saga: Angels of Love: Chronicles of the Angels of Darkness: Dark Fire Trilogy Book One – Gladitorius the Adversary The Angels Saga: Children of Men Volume One Volume Two

The Angels Saga: The Divine Mysteries Redux The Wisdom of Tim Kelly The Angels Saga Gloria Majestica The New Age The Angels Saga: The 1400 Moonflower City

The Angels Saga: The Eternal World

The Angels Saga

Callodyn and Kayella

Karaite Adamide-Noahide Religion



The Religion of the Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Based Faith

(1DF - 7DF)

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The Seven Rainbow Bibles of the Seven Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Faith

HNF Rainbow Bible

AOTDC Rainbow Bible

UFA Rainbow Bible

AOTLG Rainbow Bible

UTA Rainbow Bible

AOTMH Rainbow Bible

HAF Rainbow Bible


The Religion of the Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Based Faith

(8DF - 14DF)

Assembly of Eckist Lightbringers –

Assembly of the Dawn –

Assembly of the Living God – Original Faith Community –

Branch of Enoch –

Creationist Deism –

Glorious Church of Hope –

Historical Torah Society –


The Religion of the Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Based Faith

(15DF - 21DF)

Karaite Noahide Assembly of Grace –

Karaite Torah Covenants Community –

Progressive Hebrew Faith –

Radical Judaism –

Spiritual Fellowship Assembly –

Unitarian Catholic Church –

Univeral Faith Assembly – Original Faith Community –