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Karaite Adamide-Noahide Translation of Genesis 1:1 - 2:3
Copyright 6180 SC The Advancing Noah Movement

Beginning, created God the heavens and the earth. The earth she became chaos and vacant and darkness was over the surfaces of the abyss and the spirit of God was vibrant upon the surface of the waters. He said 'God shall become light and he is becoming light and he is watching is God.' The light was good and he separated, did God, between the light and the darkness. Called, did God, light day and darkness night, and he became evening and morning day one. Said God 'Become atmosphere amidst waters becoming separation between waters and waters.' Made, did God, atmosphere separating between water which was under atmosphere and between waters which were on atmosphere, and it became so. Called God atmosphere heaven, and he became evening and morning day two. He said, did God 'Flowing water under the heavens to one place, she seeing the dry, he made it so, he calling, did God, the dry land and the confluence of waters he called seas, and, saw God, that good. He said, did God, she vegetates the land, vegetating herbage, sowing seed, fruit trees making fruit, his species which his seed is in him on the land becoming so. She brought forth land vegetating herbage, sowing seed, his species and tree making fruit which his seed in him, his species, and, saw God, that good, becoming evening and morning day three. He said, did God, 'He shall be luminaries in atmosphere of the heavens to separate between day and between night, and they shall become for signs, for appointments, for days, for years. And they became, the luminaries, in atmosphere of the heavens for light on earth, and it became so. And he made, did God, two luminaries, the great ones, the large luminary to rule the day, the small luminary to rule the night and the stars. And he gave them, did God, atmosphere of heaven to give light on earth, to rule day and night, separating between the light and the darkness, saw God, that good. And he became evening and morning day four. And he said, did God, the waters roam souls living and flying, flying on faces of atmosphere of heaven. He created, did God, the monsters, the great and every soul of living and moving which roam the waters of species, and every flying winged of his species, and saw God, that good. He blessed them, did God, saying 'Be fruitful, he increasing in earth, and he became evening and morning day five. He said, did God, 'She shall bring forth, the earth, souls living, species of her, beast and moving masculine animals on land species, he made it so. And made, did God, animals of land, her species and the beast, to her species and every moving ground species of his, and saw God, that good. And he said, did God, we shall make man in image of us as likeness of us, and they shall rule fish of the seas, flyers of heavens, beast in all the earth moving, and the moving on the land. And he created, did God, the man in image of himself, in image of God he created he male and female, he created them. And he blessed them, did God, he saying to them, did God, be fruitful, increase, and fill the earth, and subdue her, and rule the fish, sea, flyers of the heavens, and all of the animals, those moving on land. And he said, did God, 'Behold, I give to you, all of the herbage seeding seed which is on surface of earth and every tree which in him is fruit of the tree, seeding seed for you, he becoming for food, and for every animal of the land, flyers of the heavens, and of everything moving on the land, which in him is a soul living, and every green herbage for food, and he became so. And he seeing, did God, all of which he made, and behold it was very good, and he became evening and morning day six. And finishing the heavens and the earth and all of the host, finished did God in day seven, his work which he did, and he ceased in day seven from all of which, which he did. And he blessed, did God, day seven, and he is holy, he, that in him he ceased from all of his work which he created, did God, to do.



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