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Karaite Noahide Pseudepigrapha

Chronicles of the

Children of Destiny

Gloria Excelsia

Morning Stars





Terra - The Ancient World

Terra - The Old World

The Bradlocks

Lucy Smith


Shards of a Broken Heart



Tapestry of Life


Hank Jones Monster

Crazy Days

Son of Springvale

Gladhaven Chronicles

Lucy Smith: Choices of the Heart

Jonathon and Lucinda

Judgement Day

New Beginnings

Anthology II


Life in Zaphon

Morning Stars II

Lazy Days

Andrew and Jessica

Anthology III

Morning Stars of Eternity

Morning Stars of Eternity II

Morning Stars 78

Morning Stars of Glory

Children of God

Angels of Hope

Eternal Realm of Glory

Angels of Faith

Infinite Realm of Majesty

Angels of Love

Children of Men

Children of Men II

Children of Men III

Children of Men IV


Life in General


Rise of the Saruvim

Anthology IV

The Origin of Love


Knowledge of the Morning Stars

Knowledge of God & Various Others

Knowledge of the Children of Destiny




Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh




ANM Rainbow Bible

Advancing Noah Movement Rainbow Bible

7DF Rainbow Bibles

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AOF Rainbow Bibles

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Rainbow Bibles are found at the various 7DF websites.  Each 7DF supports various differing Assemblies of Faith.

Rainbow Bible Archived Editions

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Rainbow Apocrypha

Rainbow Knowledge



The following works, apart from the Tanakh which is Scripture, of Judaism are considered acceptable Karaite Faith 'Derivative' works for study and application to a Karaite Jewish life, and appropriate for study by Karaite Adamide-Noahides.

Tanakh - Scripture for Karaite Adamide-Noahides


NumbersAmosSong of Solomon
1 SamuelNahumEsther
2 SamuelHabakkukDaniel
1 KingsZephaniahEzra
2 KingsHaggaiNehemiah
IsaiahZechariah1 Chronicles
JeremiahMalachi2 Chronicles

Deuterocanon - Acceptable Derivative Study Writings for Karaite Adamide-Noahides

1 EsdrasWisdom of SolomonSusanna
2 EsdrasWisdom of Jesus Son of SirachBel and the Dragon
TobitBaruchPrayer of Manasseh
JudithLetter of Jeremiah1 Maccabees
Additions to EstherPrayer of Azariah2 Maccabees

Pseudepigrapha (some not Jewish) - Acceptable Derivative Study Writings for Karaite Adamide-Noahides

Apocalypse of AbrahamEupolemus3 Maccabees
Testament of AbrahamPseudo-Eupolemus4 Maccabees
Apocalypse of AdamApocryphon of Ezekiel5 Maccabees
Testament of AdamEzekiel the TragedianSyriac Menander
Life of Adam and EveGreek Apocalypse of EzraTestament of Moses
AhiqarQuestions of EzraBook of Noah
Letter of AristeasRevelation of EzraOrphica
Aristeas the ExegeteVision of EzraPhilo the Epic Poet
AristobulusFragments of Pseudo-Greek PoetsPseudo-Philo
2 BaruchHellenistic Synagogal PrayersThe Lives of the Prophets
3 BaruchTestament of IsaacHistory of the Rechabites
4 BaruchMartyrdom and Ascension of IsaiahApocalypse of Sedrach
Cleodemus MalchusLadder of JacobTreatise of Shem
Apocalypse of DanielPrayer of JacobSibylline Oracles
More Psalms of DavidTestament of JacobOdes of Solomon
Demetrius the ChronographerJannes and JambresPsalms of Solomon
Eldad and ModadTestament of JobTestament of Solomon
Apocalypse of ElijahJoseph and AsenethThallus
1 EnochHistory of JosephTheodotus
2 EnochPrayer of JosephTestaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
3 EnochJubileesApocalypse of Zephaniah

Philo of Alexandria - Acceptable Derivative Study Writings for Karaite Adamide-Noahides

see Introduction to Philo

On the CreationOn the Migration of AbrahamOn the Virtues
Allegorical Interpretation, IWho is the Heir of Divine Things?On Rewards and Punishments
Allegorical Interpretation, IIOn MatingEvery Good Man is Free
Allegorical Interpretation, IIIOn Flight and FindingOn the Contemplative Life
On the CherubimOn the Change of NamesOn the Eternity of the World
On the Birth of AbelOn DreamsFlaccus
Worse is Wont to Attack BetterOn AbrahamHypothetica: Apology for the Jews
On the Posterity of Cain and His ExileOn JosephOn Providence: Fragment I
On the GiantsOn the Life of Moses, IOn Providence: Fragment II
On the Unchangableness of GodOn the Life of Moses, IIOn the Embassy to Gaius
On HusbandryThe DecalogueQuestions and Answers on Genesis, I
Concerning Noah's Work as a PlanterThe Special Laws, IQuestions and Answers on Genesis, II
On DrunkennessThe Special Laws, IIQuestions and Answers on Genesis, III
On SobrietyThe Special Laws, IIIAppendix 1: Concerning the World
On the Confusion of TonguesThe Special Laws, IVAppendix 2: Fragments

Flavius Josephus - Acceptable Derivative Study Writings for Karaite Adamide-Noahides

see Introduction to Josephus

Antiquities Book IAntiquities Book XIWars Book I
Antiquities Book IIAntiquities Book XIIWars Book II
Antiquities Book IIIAntiquities Book XIIIWars Book III
Antiquities Book IVAntiquities Book XIVWars Book IV
Antiquities Book VAntiquities Book XVWars Book V
Antiquities Book VIAntiquities Book XVIWars Book VI
Antiquities Book VIIAntiquities Book XVIIWars Book VII
Antiquities Book VIIIAntiquities Book XVIIILife of Josephus
Antiquities Book IXAntiquities Book XIXAgainst Apion Book I
Antiquities Book XAntiquities Book XXAgainst Apion Book II

The Gospel of Jesus - Acceptable Derivative Study Writings for Karaite Adamide-Noahides

The Gospel of Jesus


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