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(Karaite Biblical Fiction)


Series One

Chronicles of the Children of Destiny



Gloria Excelsia












Morning Stars

Morning Stars (Eras Demi)

Morning Stars (Cambria)



























The Bradlocks






Lucy Smith










Destiny's Children






Lucy Smith: Choices of the Heart






Judgement Day






New Beginnings






Anthology II







Life in Zaphon






Morning Stars II

Lazy Days





Anthology III

Morning Stars III

Morning Stars III

Short Story Collection






Morning Stars of Eternity





Morning Stars of Eternity II




Morning Stars of Eternity III






Morning Stars of Glory






Children of God






Angels of Hope






Eternal Realm of Glory






Angels of Faith






Infinite Realm of Majesty






Angels of Love






Children of Men






Children of Men II






Children of Men III






Children of Men IV












Life in General












Rise of the Saruvim






Anthology IV






The Origin of Love









Series Two - Rebirth












A Time to Gather Stones






The Keeps of Zaphora






The Keeps of Zaphora II






Anthology V






Olde World Dominions

Clamorton Clans



New Bridlington

Gloria Excelsia II

Anthology VI


Series Three


Morning Stars of Infinity

Rise of the Saruvim 2

Sword of Andorra



Fanfiction Accompaniment

Angels of Love Fanfiction

J K Rowling Fanfiction

(Angels of Love)

Great Britain

(Angels of Love - Connected to

the World of Lucy Potter)

(Found at Noahide Videos Bible 2 Channel at: 

Children of Men Multiverse Fanfiction

Accompaniment Interwoven into the Saga

JRR Tolkien Fanfiction

(Children of Men)

Father of Time





David Eddings Fanfiction

(Children of Men)

David Eddings Bibliography



Hugh Cook Fanfiction

(Reworked in Children of Men)




Julian May Fanfiction

(Part of the Saga)






Star Wars Fanfiction

(Reworked also as 'Galactic Confederation' in the 'Universe' chronology in Children of Men)


Children of the Force



Alpine & Satellite Comics Universe

(Further Material in Video Format at Comics, Coins, Stamps, Collectables & Gaming Youtube Channel.  This is Saruviel's Multiverse Universe 49.  It is created during the 'New Bridlington' era, which is volume 49 of the Angels Saga.  It is Accompaniment to New Bridlington, and what Saruviel is doing on the side at that time.)

DeeCee Noah - 

DC Comics Fanfiction

DC Comics Noahide Volume One

DC Comics Noahide Volume Two

DC Comics Noahide Volume Three

DC Comics Noahide Volume Four

Note:  DC Noah attempts to follow the 

general principles of DC Comics in a 

fanfiction modality.



Marvellous Noah -

Marvel Comics Fanfiction

Marvel Comics Noahide Volume One

Note:  Marvel Noah attempts to follow the

general principles of Marvel Comics in a

fanfiction modality.

Satellite Comics

Blue Zapp

The Batgang

The Dark Knights of Comedic Steel

Earth Jubilee

(These works are accompaniment to Volume 50 'Gloria Excelsia II'.  They are Saruviel's 50th Multiverse Universe, the 'Earth Jubilee' Universe.  There is also 'Focusing on the Z' and 'Exaspertated' in plot form as videos at the Noahide Videos Bible 2 Channel - URL -

Conan the Barbarian Fanfiction

(Earth Jubilee)

The Darklight

The Man From Snowy River

(Earth Jubilee)

(Told in Video Format at Noahide Videos Bible)


(Earth Jubilee)

(Highlander Videos Found at: )

Highlander: Zeist Magic Vision

Christopher Carpenter Fanfiction

(Earth Jubilee)

The Twilight Realm II:

A Softer Dream

Suzanne Collins Fanfiction

(Earth Jubilee)

Snow in Winter

Slipstream Movie Fanfiction

(Earth Jubilee)

Slipstream II

Kalpeter Public Domain Society

(New Terra 2)



Mad Max Fanfiction

Mad Max: The Gauntlet


Arnold Lobel Fanfiction

Frog and Toad

Wally Must Die

Wally Must Die

Wally Must Die is Standalone but also Angels Saga.  Sort of both.

Encanto Fanfiction

Encanto: Wrath of the Master

Encanto: Wandering Through Tokyo

Fanfic Ideas

Fanfic Ideas


Spacehunter 2023


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ANM Rainbow Bible

HNF Rainbow Bible

AOTDC Rainbow Bible

Universal Faith Assembly Rainbow Bible

Assembly of the Living God Rainbow Bible

Universal Truth Assembly Rainbow Bible

Assembly of the Most High Rainbow Bible

Haven Adamide Fellowship Rainbow Bible